Yogic Investing

So Just What is Yogic Investing?

  You may be asking yourself just what the heck is Yogic InvestingTM, and why is there a website about it. Essentially, Yogic Investing is integrating the practice of yoga and money. It is a verb, not a noun, where we invest for one's self and the greater good. In other words, it is designed to follow the practice of Karma yoga: yoga off the mat.

  The philosophy of melding yoga and money is fundamentally investing with your values. Through the discipline of Yogic Investing, you can achieve long-term financial stability and peace of mind through the same demands of the yoga that you practice. Yogic investing is also tied into living in an abundant reality where there is more than enough to share, and this sharing offers us “higher rewards.” We may practice this abundance daily to enrich our lives or invest for even longer periods of time with the intention of taking care of one’s self and being of service to others.

  Our economic abundance will allow us more free time to help create a better world and leave a positive legacy. For instance, incredibly talented and good-hearted people will cross our life paths. We will recognize that some of these folks will not succeed financially but will have much to offer the world. If we have the economic wherewithal, we can help such people positively affect the world. The same applies to struggling nonprofit institutions, some of which help feed poor people but can barely keep their doors open. There are others attempting to end childhood slavery here and abroad that we must listen to, even when it would be easier to ignore them.

  Our causes may range from vegetarianism to green technologies and everything in between. Though our causes will be different, we are never to judge the responsible actions of others. The investments we use are vehicles for global change, and our investments, like people, are not perfect, and the two should be approached with wise judgement.

  Integrating the practice of yoga and money doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice return to be a socially conscious investor. At Yogic Investing, we are committed to helping you flow through the complex world of investing and wealth management so that your money can take care of you and ultimately serve others.
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