Yogic Investing
“Some people of have a lot of money but live in scarcity. Some people have little money but live in abundance. Yogic investing can help you on either path.”

Yogic InvestingTM is the destination where your money takes action. Move your yoga practice off the mat and have the economic ability to better serve others and the causes that are important to you.

At Yogic Investing, you’ll:
  • Integrate Yoga and Money
  • Invest with Your Values
  • Use the Power of Abundance to Help Create a Better World
  • Leave a Positive Legacy Through Your Investments
  • Gain the Financial Freedom to Seek Global Change

At Yogic Investing, you won’t have to sacrifice returns to create a better world: We are committed to helping you flow through the complex world of investing and wealth management so that your money can take care of you and ultimately serve others.  To learn more about Sustainable and Mindful Investing, visit our sister company, Sila Wealth Advisory.

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To learn more about Yogic Investing, how to invest with your values and the latest innovations in Socially Responsible Investing, contact Jeff Bogart by phone at 216/292-8700 or by email at:    

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Jeff Bogart is a Registered Investment Advisor and lives in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, with his wife, Antje, and their two Belgian sheepdogs.  He has been helping people with their investment and life planning issues for over 25 years.  At the beginning of 2012, Jeff tied together his wealth management expertise with his passion—yoga—to form Yogic Investing, the integration of karma yoga and money. He has appeared in The Wall Street Journal and has been a speaker at several Midwest yoga festivals.  Jeff and one of his Belgian sheepdogs, Carlos Santana, participate in Therapy Dog programs at their local hospitals, nursing homes, and children’s reading programs.

Like you, I’m passionate about yoga.  And while we strive for balance on the mat, we need balance off the mat.  For me, that means helping people realize better lifestyles and peace of mind while achieving their personal and financial goals.   For over twenty years, my services have been designed around this philosophy, and this is how I would like to work with you, too. more.....